Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July weekend

Well, before the holiday weekend, Sadie came to visit. Sadie is the pet of Madelyn, Caroline, and Silas. She and Maggie enjoyed each others company. Here they are with Matt relaxing on the couch.

At bed time, Sadie was supposed to be crated. However, she realized Maggie wasn't crated at night so she ran under the bed and hid so she thought she could stay under there. Don't worry she fell for my trick of putting a dog biscuit next to the bed and she came out for it and I picked her up really quick!! She is smart though!

Now onto the 4th of July festivities. On Saturday, it was the 4th of July celebration in Wilmore. Here is Maggie enjoying the parade. She was so excited, can't you tell?
The police chief

The Lawn Mower Brigade- these men have a routine and everything

The women decided to do a routine with strollers and shopping carts

This is our landlord driving that car

Beautiful horses

On Saturday afternoon, after an 8 year old's birthday party and a wedding, we went to TN to enjoy the river, food, and swimming, and a bit of baby shopping
Here is Lizzie enjoying sunbathing

Maggie enjoyed looking out the window at all the creatures and the river

Maggie sunbathing, she really loves it there with all the windows (and bones that Nana keeps giving her)

Here is Matt with Buster

Here is Buster

Caution, Pregnant Lady Story: Ok, so I became crazy pregnant lady the other night, Friday night before the weekend to be exact. Matt couldn't find a towel that had used and when I found out the hormones got the most of me. I started insisting at midnight that we find the towel and then burst into tears when it was no where to be found.
Well, we left for the weekend and still couldn't find it. I apologized, but asked politely that Matt find it as soon as we returned.
Yesterday (Wed), when I returned from work, Matt told me he got me a present and it was on the bed. This is what I found....

The Towel!!!!

Anyone else who has been/is pregnant have crazy stories like this or am I the only one? Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!!!!!

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Dimpled Dempseys... said...

You're the only one.

Actually, try pregnancy and a whacked out thyroid! Good times.