Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vacation- continued

On Friday of vacation our friends, Jonathon and Missy Bevil and Bob and Susan Thimons, came to hang out with us. It was so much fun.
The guys went fishing

We played with the puppies

We played Settlers of Catan
There were pretty horses

Here's Buster enjoying the sun
We swam and played Marco Polo and Categories

We had a steak dinner! yum yum

Matt enjoying his steak dinner
We played more Settlers

Then on Sunday we had lots of fun when Matt had to take me to the ER for neck, back, arm, and esp chest pain. My chest felt like Bronchitis but I wasn't coughing or anything. The OB wanted me to go and make sure all was ok with me and Teapot. Well they found out nothing and I have had no problems after returning home (PTL). So who knows. I go to a cardiologist soon and hopefully something will be found out or we will know it was maybe just stress from the physical stress of hurting my foot and just having too much fun and not enough sleep. Let's pray for the later.
Over all, we had a very relaxing and fun time on our vacation!

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Lindsy said...

I have heard great stuff about that game. Do y'all love it? My family and I are big game players and we've been eyeing that one for a while.

Glad to hear you are feeling better. You rest up!