Monday, October 17, 2011

Ruthie's last few weeks of 8 months old

Here is Ruthie during her 2nd month of life in a 0-3 month cute little white and pink leopard pjs and...

 Here she is again wearing the same outfit in a little bit bigger size (6-9 month). She has gotten so big!
Here is Ruthie in a Colts Jersey

 Here is Ruthie in her froggy Jersey before going to her first Roller Derby Bout
 Ruthie in her red scottie dog dress and mary janes
 Ruthie in a "This is my little black dress" onesie
 Mommy and Ruthie having reading time
 Ruthie crawling under her jumperoo
 just chillin' under the jumperoo
 Swinging at the park for the first time

 playing on the bouncy toy

 clapping for herself as she swings

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