Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Today was Ruthie's first Halloween. Check out our pics!
Here's  Ruthie as baby Princess Leia

Here is a cute baby in a pumpkin! She loved sitting in the pumpkin!

Momma and Ruthie

The whole fam- More on the pups in a second.

Izzie who came over to put Ruthie in the pumpkin and take fun pics!

Momma Princess Leia and Baby Princess Leia

 The whole fam dressed as Princess Leia- yes, even Matt dressed as Princess Leia and people loved it when we went out Trick-or-Treating!

 Our pumpkins all lit up!

Above you saw the picture of us with 2 dogs. That is Lilly (Matt is holding her, she is a 3 year old wired hair dachshund) and Chewy (formerly known as Fuzzy and I am holding him, he is a 3 year old wired hair dachshund/yorkie mix). Lilly and Chewy were rescued from a puppy mill in a few counties over and had been mating together in one cage. We found them on a rescue website and went to visit them at Petsmart and then we left with them. They are staying with us for a trial run, but if all checks out at the vet on Wednesday morning they will be ours. Our house was just so empty without Mags and when we found out about animals that needed a place to go or would be killed we knew we had to help even if it was just 2. We also went for just one but they are not going to separate the dogs b/c they are in love. Seriously, they love each other and have lived in the same cage at the puppy mill for a long time. They didn't know anyone but each other and so how can you separate love like theirs? So we are pretty sure that soon Lilly and Chewy will be Stouts! We still miss Maggie so much, but these 2 kids are really helping to make us feel better and hopefully we can be good parents and sibling to these 2 precious pups!


Laura Susan said...

I am loving the Princess Leia costumes. You guys are too funny!

Mama Smors said...

Such funny costumes! So creative :)