Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where did 30 years go?

This weekend, Sunday to be exact, I turned 30. It seems so surreal to say that I am 30. I have passed my 20s. I can't believe how fast the last 5 years have gone, or the last 10 years for that matter. Life has changed so much since I was 25. At 25, I has graduated from college and gotten a "grown up job" then returned to Wesley to work as an intern. I was not dating Matt just yet. By 26, I was married. At 27, I has just begun my seminary career. At 28, I realized that I had anxiety. I got that fixed and my life is sooooooooo much better now. (still have anxiety at times, but not anything like before.) By 29, I was pregnant with my sweet baby girl. And now at 30, I am about to graduate from ATS with a Masters in Counseling and am the momma to a beautiful baby girl and wife to the most wonderful husband ever. I truly am blessed and can't wait to see what the next 10, 20, 30, 40+ years hold. 

As for celebrating my birthday, I spent most of the day studying for the exit exam which I (barely) passed! I passed by .3%! haha
Anyway, on Sunday I began by getting an extra hour of sleep. Not really, since Ruthie did not go along with the whole getting an extra hour of sleep. She was up at 5 and ready to eat and play. Anyway, I fed her and went back to sleep for a bit. When I awoke, Matt had a cup of coffee and my gifts in hand. He is pretty amazing!
I got this beautiful fleece jacket, and...
 these beautiful Trinity earrings I have been wanting for a while now. The jacket is from Matt and the earrings from Ruth.
We got to church late due to Ruthie falling asleep before we could get out the door. It was bound to happen really since she had been up since 5! We got to church just in time for the sermon. After that we went to lunch at Saul Good with the Bevils and Thimons, and then came back home for some ice cream cake! I love me some ice cream cake! 
I decided that in order to really get some studying done, I needed a nap. So I napped and then studied. I know that isn't the best way to spend my birthday, but it all paid off by passing my test yesterday. Now all I have left is a case study presentation, a reading report, and finish my practicum hours. It is all down hill from here my friends! I am so excited! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
We still don't know what we are doing after this, but trust that the perfect job is out there for Matt! 
All in all, my 30s have been amazing and now for some decision making. I am going to get my hair cut soon. Here are the choices:

Feel free to weigh in on your opinion!

Thanks to my family and friends for making my birthday awesome! I love you all! You are great!


Lindsy said...

Awww....happy late birthday! Love hair #2. All would be cute though.

Big Jen said...

Happy Birthday Sbeth!! I like the first one the best.