Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ruthie Turns 10 Months! but first...

A few other things:
Check out the new front door wreath I made. Festive!

New hair bows for Ruthie (and maybe some for momma)

We finally did a new puzzle! first one since Ruthie's birth 10 months ago. It was fun and we plan to do another one over Thanksgiving Break!
Ruthie figured out how to climb into the toy bin. She was very proud of herself!

And here is my sweet baby girl! She is now 10 whole months old! Can you believe it? B/c I cannot believe it. I guess it is about time that we start working on the 1st Birthday Party. Well, after graduation that is (only 3 weeks from yesterday until graduation!)

Ruthie is wearing her candy corn dress from Aunt Missy. Ruthie and Sophie have matching dresses that we will have to get pictures of at Thanksgiving dinner!

This month:
You are now up to 10 teeth. That 10th one is taking it's sweet time, but it is there!
You had your first cold and it was not cool. We had to go to the dr., but Dr. Weinberger said you are doing great and there is nothing to worry about.
You now weigh 16 lbs and 3 oz! We are so excited that you finally passed the 16 lb mark!
You have learned to crawl and boy do you move fast. You keep momma and daddy on their feet a lot! You are just so very fast.
We lost your first pet this month. Maggie died and it was very sad, but we got 2 new puppies (in the last picture above). You love Chewie and Lilly (esp. Chewie with his long hair). They seem to love you too!
You have been eating lots of table food. You want to eat and drink everything we have. You are still eating at least 2 and maybe 3 jars of food a day, 2 to 4 tbls of cereal, and 5 breastfeedings of the day. We will start weening soon and hopefully will have you on all solid food by the time you are 12 months old.
You are still in 6 and 9 month clothes, but will probably be moving up to 12 month clothes soon. You are growing a lot!
You are smiling, laughing, and learning "games" daily. You like to put something in our mouths (such as a toy) and then pull it out of our mouth, then put it in your mouth and get us to pull it out of your mouth. You also love love love peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake! You have learned to point and still really love clapping at yourself with you have done something great! 
You are pulling up with much ease and walking while holding onto things. You have even moved from one object to another while standing. You are very proud of yourself for that one. You have also learned to climb on stuff. You climb over things, under things, and on top of daddy especially! You love for him to sit on the floor and you climb all over him and I think he enjoys that time with you too!
Your sassy little personality is even more evident this month. You like things your way and you are very stubborn and determined. You also have a great sense of humor in momma's opinion. You think momma and daddy are very funny, but we wonder if you will think that for too long. We sure do hope so! You laugh so much like your momma and daddy says you act like your momma too (she doesn't mind that)! You look like your daddy and act like your momma and boy do we love you so very much!

Finally, here are a few shots from our Christmas photo shoot today. Our friend, Izzie, stopped by again to help with the Christmas shots. I thought the pumpkins turned out so well that we needed to try these too! What do you think?

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Kristin said...

Love the Christmas pictures! You're on top of things! I hope to get Christmas card pictures done this week!