Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We spent Thanksgiving with the Bevils this year. They are moving in less than 2 weeks so we are trying to get in lots of quality time before they move! Here are some pics from the day: 

Ruthie just hanging out

 Sophie and her daddy

 The women cooking. We had green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, turkey, dressing, gravy, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. It was all so very yummy!

 My momma's sweet potato casserole. I think it turned out great!
 Ruthie eating her first Thanksgiving day dinner and she loved it! All of it!
 See! She was very happy with her food.

 Sophie loved the food too!
 Hair bow I made the girls and the shirts were made by the mommas. They were decked out for Thanksgiving and thank you pinterest for the ideas!

 The girls and their daddies
 The Stouts

 The girls and their mommas

 Great pic of the shirt

 Sophie coming to play- check out the back of Sophie's shirt

 love this pic and love love love that baby girl!
And here is the front of Sophie's shirt- her momma did great!
 Sophie was finished and wanted to go explore. Ruthie wanted to just sit in one place. She doesn't like getting dirty!

 Eating a leaf- don't worry we took it away before she could swallow any of it


 On Friday, Nana and Papa Stout came to visit and we showed them how much Ruthie loves her turkey and sweet potatoes!
 That child loves her food!
 Also, I made this shirt too! I think it turned out great!
 Finally, this has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. This is a wreath I made for a friend. What do you think?
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and feel blessed. So much is going to happen in the next few weeks with Graduation, Christmas festivities, traveling, Matt's conference, and so much other stuff that it was nice to have a 4 day holiday weekend and really just relax. It was wonderful and so great to rest and eat and not have to travel! I think Ruthie really loved her first Thanksgiving and I know we did!


Mama Smors said...

Such cute shirts!!!! I love them :) all your craftiness is awesome! I m lacking in that department-

Lindsy said...

Love the shirts and bows...go mom!