Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Graduation from Asbury Theological Seminary

On Friday, December 9th, 2011, Matt and I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary after 3.5 years, one baby, 3 different houses, one cat, 3 dogs, at least 3 jobs each, and so many other major life lessons/decisions. We have learned to love, live, and grow while in Wilmore. There have been moments of healing (my diagnosis and treatment of anxiety) and growing that may not have been experienced if we had not moved here to Wilmore. We are grateful for the lessons we have learned and the blessings we have received while here along with the gift of friendships, a great church family, wonderful professors, and most importantly the birth of our sweet baby Ruth. 

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the day in no particular order. 

This is the chapel where we graduated.

 After Graduation
 Hannah Leigh with Ruthie during the ceremony

 Coming in to Estes Chapel

 This is my professor, Toddy Holeman. She was my faculty advisor and we hit is off when we found out that we both have a love for all things dance- ballet class and So You Think You Can Dance more specifically.

 Momma and Ruthie

  A family pic before the ceremony- I was very excited!

During the ceremony

 Receiving my diploma

 Matt receiving his diploma

 Sweet baby

 Our friend Jonathon also graduated with us
Dr. Tennet

 After the ceremony, my parents, Matt's parents and grandparents, and Seth and Hannah Leigh went with us for lunch to Saul Good. One of our favorite places. It was delicious. Afterwards, my mom stayed for a few days. On Saturday, Matt and I went out to celebrate just ourselves. My mom kept Ruthie so that we could go to a very nice dinner at Malone's Steak House and a movie ("New Years Eve"). It was nice to celebrate our accomplishment. We are now both Masters! We both know more than we did when we entered ATS, but I think we also know that we have more to learn than we ever thought before. Does that make since? We thought we were knew stuff before, but now we just know how much we have left to learn. That is something to ponder.
Anyway, now onto the next phase. More about that later. Stay tuned for at least 2 more blog postings...

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