Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ruthie and Sophie

Ruthie and Sophie have been together since Sophie was born a week after Ruthie. The day after graduation the Bevils moved to back Louisiana. Earlier in the week, I kept Sophie so Missy and Jonathon could get some packing done. While she was here I got some pics of the girls playing. Now that they are so active it is hard to get a picture of both of them sitting but here is what I got.
  I'm not sure what they are looking for, but they are very interested in it.
This is so typical. Sophie sitting and Ruthie using her as a pull up toy.
 Sophie is so happy
 Look at those precious faces!
 Here you go Sophie.
We miss the Bevils, but are very happy for them and their new season of life. It was such a blessing to go through pregnancy with a friend in the same place. We even got to go to dr. appointments at the same time and all the fun childbirth and breast feeding classes. It was wonderful and maybe we should move close by so when the time comes we can do it all over again together. (NO PREGNANCY HERE!)

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