Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Only 1 month to go until the big ONE!

Ruthie turned 11 months old on Sunday! I can't believe that in less than a month we will have a one year old! I feel like just yesterday I was about to burst and here we are a year later ready to plan a party for our one year old!

Here Ruthie is the night we got home, but I didn't think they turned out too great. Turns out there were a few really great ones. So let's look at the good ones!

 And here are the ones from the next day that were also pretty good and she is in her festive red outfit with a white poinsettia bow. She did not want to sit still though so most were her on the move.
See, on the move and it's only the first one!


Sticking her tongue out
 She wanted everyone to see her beautiful bow from the Groth sisters
 She does not want to sit still
 And now begins the pictures of Ruthie standing up in the chair

 She likes to play with her ears
 She was so happy, maybe it was b/c her momma was tickling her...
 "look mom, I found my foot!"
 "And now I want you to look at Cinderella"

 Oops, she dropped Cinderella
 Best shot of the day
  She crawled away and left Cinderella all by herself
"Mom, can we be finished."
 Last one baby girl!
 This month:
We have no idea how much Ruthie weighs or her length, but she is definitely growing.
Ruthie has moved to 9 to 12 month clothes, but can still wear some of her 6-9 months stuff.
She has not actually gotten in her 10th tooth fully, but she is teething her 11th one as well.
She is much more steady with her pulling up and walking while holding on  to stuff. 
She still loves her jumperoo.
Ruthie is eating a variety of foods and really hasn't turned away anything. She loves spaghetti the best though.
She is clapping more and will occasionally say "Yay" while clapping.
She is dancing when there is music and it is oh so cute. She loves music and dancing. It makes this momma very happy.
She can crawl so much faster than last month. It is insane! She can zip across the living room in seconds these days. It is so great and scary at the same time.
Ruthie spent the most time away from Dad that she had ever spent this month. I do not want to do that again any time soon and neither does she or Dad.
She is a great traveler already. There is always some crying at some point, but over all she does great. If Ruthie is upset, we just put on some Elvis and all is good. It still works people!
She is down to 4 breast feedings a day and 3 meals with 2 to 3 snacks along with way. It is so much fun to get her to try new things! She really loves puffs, yogurt melts/bites, veggie straws/sticks, and string cheese. We start weaning this month and I am torn. I will miss it and yet not miss it that much!
She is getting to be much more interactive. She plays patty-cake, peek-a-boo, and hide and seek. It is so fun to see her little smile when she gets excited about playing games.
Ruthie had to say good bye to a friend, Miss Sophie. It was so sad for us mommas and daddies. I think they miss each other too.
Stop if you don't want to read about breatfeeding stuff!!!!! Ruthie has started straddling my leg while she eats and sometimes she will pull up while I am laying on the couch and will eat standing while I lay on the couch. Also, if she comes to the bed to eat in the morning she will stand up in the bed and eat standing while I lay on my side. Apparently, she is too big of a girl these days to just lay and eat like a baby and has moved on to more difficult eating positions. Also, there are too many teeth and therefor we are weaning and will no longer be breastfeeding much past her 1 year birthday. Just too many teeth and she forgets she is not eating table food and will chomp down. NOT COOL!
Ruthie celebrated her first Thanksgiving and she loved the turkey, dressing, rolls, green beans, and sweet potatoes. I'm telling you, this child loves her food!
Finally, She is feeding herself. Sometimes she even shuffles all the food into her mouth at once if we don't keep an eye on her. Ruthie is our little chipmunk. 
We love you Miss Ruthie Roo and are so proud of you!

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