Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ruthie turned 13 months old...

Last Sunday! With all the moving and stuff I did not get pictures or get a post up. I don't think I will do monthly pictures really, but will just post some from the last month. But right now I have to do this fast so that I can get a shower and get dressed and then start loading the truck when help arrives. Anyway, here are the stats for the month:

Ruthie has learned to walk as of Feb 14! She took 4 steps and has since gone up to 8 or more at a time. She still wobbles a lot, but she is getting more confident!

Ruthie sprouted another tooth and we can see 3 more coming in! Seriously, 16 teeth in that child's mouth is unbelievable to me. 

Ruthie is only nursing once a day and is eating everything. She loves fruit and yogurt bites. 
She still loves blowing kisses.

She still loves reading. I have peaked in to see if she is asleep and instead find her "reading" her book in her bed. It is pretty cute!

Finally, when she gets tired she just lays down on the floor and then I know it is time for a nap. It is adorable. And when she is ready for bed she does not want to be help. She pretty much leaps into the bed out of your arms if you don't put her in bed when she wants. What can I say, the child likes to sleep when she is sleepy.

This month we move to a new home. Ruthie got to live in her first house for a little over a year! This house has been amazing and we found out we were pregnant here, had our baby at this home, and now we are leaving. Updates to come after we arrive this weekend!

Happy 13 months to my sweet baby girl! 


Lindsy said...

Hard to happens so fast. Avery turns one on Thursday!!!

The Troutman's said...

Has she always been easy to put down? Preston is sometimes easy, but usually fights it:/ Like, he will be SO tired, and will let out a few screams and then relaxes and is zonked out! She sure is precious! I have family who live in the Wick, so maybe if we get a chance to visit long enough, we can meet up!

Anonymous said...