Monday, March 5, 2012

We Are Alive

We moved to Brunswick a week and 2 days ago. So far so good.
We have unpacked almost all the boxes and have just a few more to go and then onto hanging things on the wall.
We are loving being so close to stores especially TARGET! It is faster and easier to get to Target than Walmart. It is so great.
Matt worked his first Sunday this past weekend. It was successful. There were 15 middle schoolers and 5 high schoolers. Amazing!
Since moving here we have gotten a new couch, new recliner, and new washing machine (new to us). We are loving having a place that is almost 3x's the size of what we were living in. If you go to my facebook page you can see some mobile uploads that I made. More good pictures to come once things are hung and the place is a little more together. 
Ruthie starting walking on February 14, but since getting to Brunswick she has taken off! She can walk at least 5 feet and usually 7 or 8 feet at one time. It is amazing. We also discovered yesterday (Sunday March 4th) that Ruthie can suck liquid through a straw! Just earlier this week she was able to do that, but she did it on Sunday. It is amazing to me how fast she picks up on things and how fast she learns. She is also pretty excited about the word "uh-oh". She says it over and over and over..... over again. She loves that word. It is her first word that others can tell she is saying. Ruthie is also loving the nursery at our new church. She feels so at home that she even takes food from other kids when they aren't watching. The nursery workers said that Ruthie waits until a kid gets up from their snack at the table to go get something and will take a few goldfish or other snack and then steps away when the kid returns. They does the same thing to another kid a few minutes later. I guess we need to start working on not taking from our friends!
I am hoping to post videos soon of Ruthie blowing kisses, walking, pushing her walking toy, and saying uh-oh. So check back soon, b/c you will want to see that.
As for Matt and me, we are loving it here. We do miss Wilmore! We really love it here though and can't wait to see what the future holds. 

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