Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ruthie at 14 Months

Ruthie has grown up so much just in this last month. She has really started walking a lot and is fearless. She just gets up and walks as fast as she can, and when she falls she gets right back up and gets going again. 

She is full weaned and starting to like milk. She drinks a cup of 3/4 milk and 1/4 juice every morning to wake up and then drinks a few cups of juice and water during the day. She is also eating only table food. No more baby food or baby cereal for this girl. She has become a big girl. She really loves sweet green peas. Matt and I hate them. Seriously, neither of us will eat them so I don't know where she gets that from. However, she will eat a whole can in one sitting if I let her. She really does love food!
She has 14 teeth still and the 15 and 16 are still pushing through, but nothing just yet.

She blows kisses to everyone. A few weeks ago, we were walking around downtown and she would clap to the music and then when we passed people she would blow kisses and wave to people as she passed. When she is not sleepy, she is a friend to everyone. She truly embodies her name. (Ruth means companion/friend).
Ruthie has also learned what shhhh means and will say it to the dogs when they are loud. She also will be quiet (at least for a few seconds) when you say it to her. She also puts her finger to her mouth as she says shhh. So cute!

She moved to 18 month clothes. The pjs that have feet in them are too long and some of the dresses are too long, but most of her stuff fits pretty good. She is just too big for the 12 month. Guess we are just in a weird stage.
She has also learned uh-oh and it is so very cute. Whenever she or one of us drops something she is quick to say uh-oh over and over again probably up to 10 or so times. I'm sure you would all think it is just as cute as we do!

Ruthie is now getting time-outs since she has decided that her new favorite toy is the dog bowls. She makes a huge mess, but also it just isn't sanitary. Hopefully, she will eventually get it, but just not yet. We just keep going with discipline in hopes that she will get it. Any advice?
Wow, I feel like we now have a little girl instead of a baby. She is just learning so much and babbles all the time. I can't wait until she knows how to express herself in words instead of just babbling and crying along with some awesome facial expressions. We are so happy to be her parents. She is just so great!

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