Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's day

This is technically the 3rd mother's day for me, I just didn't know I was pregnant on my first mother's day. We found out a week later when I was right at 4 weeks pregnant. Today, I am now the mother of one 15 month old who will be 16 months in 5 short days and the mother of a growing baby who is in his/her 10th week of gestation! We are so excited about this baby, but it is so different this time around. I have not been counting down quite the same and have been more sick this time. I am not throwing up sick all the time, just some and I feel nauseated all the time. I also have this weird appetite and crazy cravings. I am just as tired also! It isn't that bad though b/c I know many other women who have felt worse than me or women who would love to have morning sickness, but can't conceive. Today those later women are on my heart. Praying for all I know who are in that place right now. Now onto mother's day festivities:

Matt got up and made me breakfast. He had a great breakfast pizza from my new cookbook he got me- The Pioneer Woman's newest cookbook! I was so excited and I didn't think it could be better, but it is. So many more cool and great recipes for Matt to cook for me. I do cook, but he enjoys it more so I will enjoy making him happy by eating the food he makes for me out of my cookbook! The kids also got me some cool decals to decorate my kitchen aid mixer. The decals are dark red vines with flowers. They are so cool and I can't wait to put them on there. At church, Ruthie made me a card with the help of the girls that keep her in the nursery and it is a heart with pieces of paper glued inside the heart and says "Mom...I love you to pieces" and Ruthie colored the front for me. She also gave me a flower at church. After church, we went to our new favorite mexican restaurant in town. It reminds me a lot of the mexican restaurant in Wilmore (Jose's). We had burritos and mexican rice along with the best sweet tea and coca cola in town! It was great. Then we came home and I took a nap. The rest of the day we have been just hanging out and doing really nothing.

Let's see. I will just do a quick update on several things:
Matt is loving his job. We know this is where we need to be and are supposed to be right now! 
We leave on Thursday to go on a mission trip with the college students to Orlando. We are leaving Ruthie for the first time for overnight. Matt's parents are coming to stay with her so we aren't dragging her all around Orlando for 4 days. I think I will live (but barely). 
I started my new job at Morningstar youth home. It is great. I just spend my time with some kids getting to know them and helping them with social skills and other day to day issues. I am loving it. The job is not exactly what I went to school for, but it helps for me to keep my skills in use and to have something to do outside the house as well as bring in some good money!
Finally, baby T2 is the size of a walnut here at 10 weeks and 2 days in gestation. I am going to the dr tomorrow and hopefully all will be great! We love our ob/gyn and his staff. Also, we are only about 5 to 10 weeks away from finding out if baby T2 is a boy or girl and making sure he/she is growing properly! This pregnancy seems to be flying by. Only 3.5 weeks left in the first trimester! So exciting!

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