Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ruthie turns 16 months old

This month Ruthie turned 16 months old on May 18th! 
She is just learning so much and growing so much. 
She knows about 10 words such as ma ma, da da, uh-oh, ta-da, no, don't, shhh, nana, and woo. 
She understands many words also. She knows what bed means and will go to her room when you say "ready for bed" and she knows bath and will go to the bathtub if you say "want to take a bath?" I think she also understands highchair, cup, dog, and a few other words. She also understands come here and no, but those don't always get the reaction we want, but you can tell she is thinking about what we say and then sometimes just choosing to not follow directions. It happens so early...
Also, she is still loving chicken and fruit, but has decided to not eat vegetables any longer. Sometimes she will eat green peas (gross!) and vegetables mixed into casseroles, but not really any others. 
This month Ruthie also spent her first weekend without momma and daddy. We went with 2 of the college students/young adults to Orlando to Give Kids The World. It was great to get away and sleep through the night and get the most straight hours of sleep we have gotten since Ruthie Roo was born, but we sure did miss out little girl. I think since we got back she has been very clingy b/c we left for 3 days. We also returned home to a sick baby (who was nice enough to share with her momma) so that didn't help.
Ruthie has gotten really great at using a spoon and a fork. She has great hand/eye coordination. She can put her straw in her juice box. She knows how to put different shapes in the right holes and things like that.  I think that is a great skill she has learned. 
Ruthie is learning to put on clothes alone. She can't quite do it alone, but she does try! 
This month we also  went back to Ky for a baby shower for the Thimons family. Ruthie got to hang out with her friends, Sophie, Ebe, Malachi, Emily, baby Gabi (newest addition to the Rozsa family), and got to see Ethan and Logan for a few minutes. We also saw all of their parents, but Ruthie was most excited about the kids! It was a great trip and Ruthie did great! 
She weighs 20 lbs and 2 oz and is about 28 inches long! So excited about her growing so big!
Finally, she is just such a good kid. She doesn't always follow directions and really likes to play in the dogs' water and food as well as pull down all the dvds, speakers for the tv, and books, but she does the right thing much more than not! 
Enjoy some pics from over the last month!

Ruthie deciding whether she likes Chewie or Yoda

 laying down eating goldfish
 putting on a cowgirl hat
 Nana and Papa came to keep Ruthie while we went to Orlando
 Wearing momma's clothes
 Hanging with Sophie! 
 Loving on the pup

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