Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ruthie Roo is 17 months old!

This month was a fun filled and busy time. Ruthie has been to Wild Adventures (which means she went to a zoo, an amusement park, and a water park all at the same time), she tried her first taste of Thai food, and she   is learning so much. This month she really enjoyed her new tinkerbell Ball that Gigi and Aunt Hannah Leigh got her at Christmas. She can even say ball (well she says baa). She also was in her first wedding as the flower girl for Merry Anna's wedding. She still loves her some food esp chicken nuggets and fruit. Here are some pictures of Ruthie this past month!

See Ruthie in the bottom left as the flower girl (she was kinda tired)
Ridding in the van with the youth to Wild Adventures

Enjoying the giraffes at Wild Adventures- she really loves looking at all the animals

 Riding her first amusement park ride. She loved it! She said "woooo" the whole ride. She also rode 2 other rides and then was wore out...

 so she took a nap!
 Playing with TRex
 Dancing at Marshside grill to the band that was playing. She sure loves to dance and sing!
 Trying her first taste of Thai food- a spring roll. 
 Enjoying spaghetti
 eating Chicken nuggets!

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Lindsy said...

Growing up so fast - cute pictures!