Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Teapot 2 is...

we don't know yet! ha
We are in the 18th week of our pregnancy though so that means soon we will know if we have a boy or a girl! Woohoo! 
We have our ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday July 11th and will find out if baby is growing properly and if we have a boy or girl in my ever growing belly! 
So post your guesses below! Hopefully, we can also announce the name on Wednesday. The boys name is pretty much set, but the girls name is up for decision. We like old fashion names and biblical names. We like Miriam, Esther, and Vivian, but are still looking. Any suggestion can also be posted in the comments section. 
As for baby Teapot's growth, The Bump says he/she is about the size of a sweet potato. He/she is also pooping and moving a lot. This week we actually both felt baby move and I have been kicked a few times in the bladder. I didn't like it very much, but it is nice to know that baby is able to move and is growing properly as far as activity is concerned. 
Come back on Wednesday to find out if we will be using Robots and blue and orange, or some girly decor! (see we are ready for a boy, but have no idea what to do if it is a girl as far as decor and names are concerned. apparently we used all our creative juices with Ruthie...)

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Lindsy said...

That wasn't nice. Can't wait to hear the news!