Monday, November 26, 2012

Family/Maternity Photos

Our good friends, Jonathan and Carrie Chick, own a photography business. Jonathan come down one Friday and took some awesome pictures for us. We thought we should go to our favorite little park on St. Simons Island. We played on the slide and swing, sat on the rocks and looked over the water, and got a few other great shots of my huge baby belly. So enjoy!
Matt helping Jonathan with lighting to prepare for the shoot

Ruthie's turn to slide and she was really into it as always!

Check out the tongue. She was concentrating hard! 

my favorite picture from the whole day! Ruthie was looking at her Daddy at the time of that big smile. She kinda adores him!

Ruthie loves loves loves to swing!

Momma and her sweet little girl (and sweet baby girl soon to arrive)


Ruthie loves her daddy 

Here are some Maternity shots to document that I was indeed pregnant!

My husband being silly

Then we did some pictures just of Momma and Daddy

This would be us making fun of our child b/c she was crying b/c she wanted to be in the pictures. That child sure does love pictures!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE THEM ALL! Such a happy family! :)