Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ruthie turns 22 months old!

Taking a nap in the jumperoo!

Just holding hands while eating

Dinner at Merry Anna and Thomas' house and she got very tired, climbed on the table, and took a nap.
 Just hanging around with her new friend Toby at the youth retreat
 New Big Sis shirt to wear soon!

Halloween 2012- Lady Love Bug
 Ballet Princess for the afternoon
 Swinging as we waited for the photographer to come take some pics.
 One more at Merry Anna and Thomas' house. She loved playing at their house.
 Bring your daughter to work day
 Halloween 2012- family pic
 Passed out the day after daylight savings day (or is it daylight savings ending day, whatever). She just couldn't even make it through lunch. Notice the spoon still in hand!
 Still adjusting to the new time. Enjoying the balloon though. She is all about balloons these days.
 Trip to Macon
 Eating some salsa. My kid loves her some Mexican food. She is just like her momma and all the Greenes.
 Macon Trip- enjoying swinging with Gigi and Aunt Hannah Leigh
 taking a nap together

This month:
Ruthie learned many many many new words. She is learning mostly about animals and the sounds that they make. It is amazing all the animals and sounds she has picked up in the last month. Some she can just point out, but some animals (elephant, monkey, dog, lion, cat to name a few) she can actually say and tell you what sound they make. 
She also knows other words like shoe, cup, baby, bye bye, Banana (nana), and apple (which is the cutest of all words she says, we will have to get on video sometime). There are so many new words I don't think I can even name them all. I know soon we will have a kid that talks all the time. 
Oh and she said her first 2 word sentence: hi dada
She is still obsessed with wearing shoes, ours and hers. She likes to have shoes on even if they don't match at all times.
She is becoming kind of a picky eater, but loves Mexican food esp salsa and rice. 
Ruthie is still loving her big girl bed at night time. Nap time is a little harder and she usually ends up napping in her jumperoo (see first pic in post). We are working on it though.
We are working on her sleeping schedule which is thrown off from the fact that she can get up as early as she wants. We will figure it out. 
Ruthie just so great. She sometimes whines when she doesn't get her way. She likes to be loud, but she is just too precious. She loves hugs, kisses, and snuggling. It makes my heart so happy.
I know she is going to be a great big sister which could happen at any time now, people! Prayers are all appreciated for the birthing process and the adjustment to life as a family of 4. 
One last pic to leave you with:
Photo: At the hospital about to go home from a false alarm.

This is me at the hospital...TODAY! we are at week 37 and 4 days. I am slightly dilated at about 1/2 centimeters and the contractions were not showing up on the monitor. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow when we go in for our appointment at 10 am. We will keep you posted. Just pray that Olivia comes while by dr. is in town which is either before Thursday (which I would like so I'm not spending Thanksgiving in the hospital) or after next Monday. 

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