Sunday, December 9, 2012

Olivia's First Week

Olivia turned a whole week old this past Friday. Life is crazy, but fun here. We are adjusting and enjoying life with both of our girls. We are tired, but that's ok b/c the 2 of them are just so wonderful. 
Olivia had her one week appointment. She had grown 1/2 inch and was down to 8 lbs 7 oz. Hoping she will gain some weight now that my milk has come in. 

I guess I will share a little of her birth story. We were induced with Olivia. I didn't really want that, but i was just getting so uncomfortable and had been having contractions for so many days that I was just done. Turns out, it was good that we went ahead with the induction b/c if we waited any longer she would have been too big most likely and I would have been sent for a c-section.

We got to the hospital at 5 am on Friday and got checked in. They hooked me up to the monitors and put in an IV. Then Dr. Joseph came and checked me. I was still only 3 cm. He broke my water and then nothing really happened. I felt a few more contractions, but was not in any pain. 

Also, during the breaking of the water our dr. informed us that he was about to go home and have to figure out something to do with the RACCOONS he caught the night before. Turns out all this time our dr. is actually a redneck and a Florida fan. He had told us all about his fishing and hunting, but now he was telling us about catching raccoons in his backyard that had been pooping on the top step of his pool. Anyway, kinda a weird story to hear, but also having my water broke at the same time well that just makes it even more hilarious. Don't worry, there is more to come about this story.

Dr. Joseph came back about 4 hrs later and I had not made very much progress. So he checked again and turns out there were two sacs and he had to break my water again.

This time he informed us that he found a lady to take the raccoons so she could eat them. However, he had to kill them first and in the process of shooting the raccoons something had come back and hit him in the face and he had a nice little cut on his cheek. Yep, that happened.

Well, about 30 minutes after the second breaking of water, I was in pain. I told Matt to go get the nurse that i needed that epidural. He went out and got the nurse b/c she just wasn't coming fast enough when I called the nurses station. For those of you that don't know I have a low tolerance for pain! When the nurse finally was able to come check I was in lots of pain. She ran out to the hall to hurry the anesthesiologist up. She returned in just under a minute with him and he got that epidural in quickly! 

For the next 5 hrs or so I just rested, watched some The Big Bang Theory, and facebooked. Around 3 the dr. returned and I was 9 cm. The nurse set me up in the thrown position (sitting straight up in bed with my legs hanging down to hurry Olivia along). Dr. checked once again and Olivia was indeed head first. At this point everyone still is telling me she will be around 7 to 8 lbs. At 3:45 dr. came back and I was ready. We got in position and all was going smoothly and I started pushing at 3:50. I pushed for less than 15 minutes and then the panic happened. I looked up and saw the dr.'s face. He did not look to calm at this point and I said to Matt "This is starting to hurt Matt". I had not felt anything up to this point other than some pressure. Well, she was stuck. The dr. turned her and maneuvered her out and gave me a 3rd degree episiotomy. Fun times! 

Olivia had some bruising on her head and they rushed her off since there was a small complication. However, she was great. They monitored her for about 24 hrs b/c of her weight. 9lbs and 4 oz is a big baby, people! Olivia was one ounce shy of being 3 lbs heavier than Ruthie! All I can say is praise God for epidurals b/c they would have been so much worse. 

We spent the next 2 days resting and introducing Olivia to family and friends, but most importantly to Ruthie Roo. Ruthie loves Olivia so very much. It is the most precious thing ever! 

For now, I am resting and trying to let my body heal. Prayers are greatly appreciated as we learn to adjust to life with 2 kids and as I rest and relax (not something I am good at doing). 

God has blessed us with such a precious baby and we 3 are so happy to welcome her into our family! 
Enjoy the pictures!

seconds after birth!

Our wonderful OB/GYN- Dr. Jason Joseph- If you need one and live in the Brunswick area, check him out. He is wonderful! Tell him we sent you!

clean and ready to cuddle!

hat and flower like her big sister

Our wonderful nurse, Melanie
 Here are some pictures from after arriving home!
Baby Sis and Big Sis

sweet cheeks and a little pout- looking a lot like her sister at this age

daddy and his girls

sisterly love

first bath at home- not too happy about it!

after her bath and still not happy

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