Sunday, December 23, 2012

Olivia- 2 and 3 weeks/ Ruthie- 23 months

I'm so behind on posts. With Ruthie I was on top of stuff, but not so much now. So here I go with some pics and then some info I want to share/remember!

smiling Olivia

Ruthie sitting like a big girl

sisterly love

big beautiful eyes!

Nana and the girls

Olivia meeting Great Grandmom Stout

Daddy with the girls and pups

girls having a meltdown in momma'a lap
Ruthie enjoying the fish at Pet Smart the day before Olivia was born. It was our last outing as a family of 3!

bed time!

I'll start with Olivia:

Olivia is now almost to 9 lbs. She weighed 8lbs and 13 oz as of last Thurs! She has moved up to 0-3 month clothes even though they do not completely fit. Her newborn clothes, some fit and some don't. She eats almost every 2 hrs during the day and at night will sleep two 4 to 6 hrs. It is amazing. We are all still very tired, but it is great! Olivia also has a stuffy nose that she has had since she was birthed. I am so ready for the to be gone and so is Daddy. I bet Olivia is the most ready though! Olivia has the most beautiful big blue eyes and the cutest dimples. It is so precious! She is so calm and relaxed and laid back. She doesn't seem to care when the dogs bark or Ruthie tries to love on her and kiss and hug her. It is great!
Ruthie hit a huge milestone this month: she became a big sister! She loves being a big sister. She loves her "baby" and plays with her all the time. Ruthie won't even go to the car if Olivia is still inside. Ruthie is learning to make sentences and has officially learned the word "please" which sounds more like pees. I can't believe that in less than a month Ruthie will be 2 years old! Where has all the time gone, really? Ruthie has also learned to sit at the table like a big girl and eat. It is so cute and she is so proud of herself! 

I think that is pretty much it for now. Hopefully I can get a Christmas post up before January!

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Lindsy said...

They are so precious. Love Olivia's eyes and Ruthie Roo is as cute as ever. Glad you're getting some sleep and hopefully Olivia's snotty nose will be cleared up before you know it.