Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas season this year was packed. Between you know giving birth and all, church stuff, and our family coming to town it was busy, busy, busy. Let's recap:
Thanksgiving Day: Kathy and Steve arrive to make sure they are here for Olivia's arrival- turns out we had to wait a week and a day until she came!
November 30th: Olivia arrives
December 15th: Youth Progressive Dinner
December 22nd: my Family came to town
December 23rd: We went to my sister's house in Kingsland
Christmas Eve: church service and dinner
Christmas Day: enjoyed a relaxed day of opening presents, breakfast burritos, and resting with our family of 4 and Nana and Papa Stout
December 30th: Nana and Papa (Kathy and Steve) went back to TN
December 31st: Matt and the youth rang in the New Year at the church and I stayed home with the girls. It was sad to not be with Matt for midnight, but I got a lot done and enjoyed spending time with my sweet babies!
January 1st: We did very little and rested!

Here are some pics in no particular order of our Christmas!

Ruthie enjoying the Hokewaters tree at the Progressive Dinner
sweet girls

Christmas Eve family pic

reading on Christmas morning

momma loving on Olivia

The pups wanted to be in the pic

opening stockings- books, crayons, bubbles, and coloring books

dinner at Merry Anna and Thomas house on Dec 23rd

playing Settlers of Catan- this is what I bought Matt for Christmas and he was very happy!

we gave Ruthie a slide and we gave Olivia a Fisher Price Adjustable Gym for tummy time and to play on when she can pull up in a few months! Olivia also got an Olivia the Pig stuffed animal

playing with Uncle Thomas

Hypster kid wear the hat that Thomas' mom made Olivia

sweet Christmas dresses!

play kitchen from Nana and Papa Stout

Christmas PJs

Ready for Church in her snowman dress

playing on the table from Gigi 

a pizza lunch before Nana and Papa head back to TN- we really enjoyed and appreciated them being around for the whole month to help with the transition to a family of 4! We are very grateful for both of them and we love them very much!

The cook! Thanks for the apron and hat Aunt Sarah

Uncle Thomas and Olivia

day after Christmas and loving having a table  all of her own!


Aunt Merry Anna 
My mom, my sisters, and my girls all at my house! So special!
I think all is going pretty great here. We are learning how to live with 2 kids and 2 adults. This week: we transition to a new schedule! I start back to work!

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