Monday, February 11, 2013

Olivia is 2 months old!

Olivia turned 2 months old on the 30th of January. I can't believe it! She is just getting so big and her personality is just shining through! Here are some pics of her on the 30th!



what's my sister up to? she's crazy!

so sweet
my favorite of all! looks at those eyes, those dimples, those cheeks, that much to love!
 Here are some pics of Olivia's room since have not shown any really: 
the crib
the chair

then Ruthie had a melt begins the terrible twos!
Olivia was 22.75 inches and 11 lbs 12 oz on the 31st. She is in the 75 and 80th percentiles for weight and height. It is so crazy having such a big and long baby after having such a short and petite baby. 

Olivia's eyes are still just so bright. I am secretly hoping they turn green though b/c I want to have a green eyed child just like me! 
Her hair is getting lighter, but it is still pretty dark. Her toes are also very long. She sure does take after her momma with those long toes and feet.

Olivia has very good head control still and enjoys tummy time for at least 5 minutes before she gets fussy.
Olivia is very attentive and curious. She is always looking around. She is a good eater and eats about every 3 hrs during the day and sleeps 4 to 6 hrs straight at night. We plan to move her to her bed very soon, but I am holding off since her room is so far away from ours and the pack n play is right there next to the bed. 
She loves her sister so much and likes to spend time with her.
Olivia loves the swing and is happy anytime we put her in there really. She still loves being held, but is pretty content when she is full and has a clean/dry diaper. We forgot how much we miss snuggling until we had Olivia since Ruthie is constantly on the move and has no interest is snuggling for the most part. 
It is amazing how our love for Olivia is just as strong and great as it is for Ruthie. Who knew we could love another baby so much as we loved the first? yeah yeah, all you parents out there knew that, but is is still amazing and such a sweet reminder of how Jesus loves us even more than we could love our girls. Olivia is just so sweet and loving and I can't wait to see how our family dynamic will continue to change over the next few months as Ruthie and Olivia grow to be the best of friends.

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