Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Few Weeks Of Random Pics

Again, things have been very busy at the Stout home. Olivia is growing very fast, Ruthie is talking so much more, and momma and daddy are oh so busy! We wouldn't change it for the world. Here are some fun pics from the last few weeks! 

Ruthie and Olivia dancing! It is so cute!

First Valentine's Day!

my Valentines and my flowers from my other Valentine!

haha- stuck in the baby stroller. She keeps strapping herself in all kinds of things  such as the swing, stroller, and bouncy seat and can't get out. this is Ruthie throwing a fit b/c she was stuck!

Happy Girl who is smiling 90% of the time even in her sleep!

Aunt Hannah Leigh's favorite shoes when she was about Ruthie's age. Ruthie loves them. Notice they are on the wrong feet, but she insisted that I did not need to change them.

Super Daddy and Super Ruthie to the rescue

momma and the girls being silly

sweet girl

Valentine's day date with daddy at our favorite new froyo place- Fuse!

more smiling

another one from Valentine's day date

a few days later when momma insisted that we go b/c she missed out on the date b/c of work

playing in Target b/c the girls had been sick and we didn't want to take them out in the cold so we went to Target.

lots of love and snot from this kid!

feeding her baby!

Getting so big already- she can sit in the bumbo and has great neck control!

passed out!

Finally, we had to go back to the hospital a few weeks ago b/c Ruthie had another seizure. She was in nursery and just fell over on the playground. She was fine when I took her to church, but she apparently had a fever come on very fast while at church. Our nursery workers are amazing and took care of our baby. We took her just to make sure all was fine. They said she was and we left 2 hrs later. This is Ruthie eating a fry b/c she was hungry from all the excitement! 
So that was the last month or so. We have been busy busy, but are so happy! God is just so good to us and we are enjoying life to it's fullest. 

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