Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last few days

The last few days have been exciting, well not that exciting, but exciting for us. So here is the recap:
1. As you saw Matt bought a new device to draw with that is really cool and very exciting for him. Exciting for the wife as well since I knew he wanted one and this one was a very very very good price.
2. I made a B on my test last week. So exciting! I needed that boost of confidence for this class.
3. I bought 2 rose bushes for $4/bush at Dollar General this week and then this morning I planted them. I am really excited and hoping that I can be as great of a gardener as my mother is. However, I will have to overcome my past in gardening. I usually kill EVERYTHING i try to plant. Let's hope for better luck this time.
4. Today is Matt's first Saturday off in a very long time. Now that he is Manager, no more Saturdays. So to celebrate we are going to Old Navy to buy him some work clothes with the 30% off coupon I have (check it out: Then going to linner (lunch and dinner) at a place yet to be decided. Afterwords, we are headed to a $1 movie to see the Blindside. And finally ending the day with a puzzle and some homework (possibly).
5. We have been sitting outside a lot the last few days since the weather has been so nice. We are actually sitting outside as I type this. Mags is loving it too. She likes to just bark and bark and bark at NOTHING! It is kinda cute and funny. Ok, maybe not for everyone, but it is for her parents who think she is so lovely.
6. Matt helped me clean today and instead of the usual 1.5 hours, it only took 40 minutes! I love having him home to help on Saturdays and getting to spend time together.
7. My sister's wedding is in less than 3 months. Got lots to do!!!!!
8. We are doing a puzzle later. After about 3 months of not being able to find new puzzles, I went to Walmart yesterday and found 2 new ones! Very exciting for the Stouts.
9. Finally, Spring Break/Reading Week (yes we are supposed to spend out spring break reading...who does that? Oh yes, that would be me, I have to get some school work done) begins a week from Monday. While we both will have to work some and do homework, we plan to take a day to relax. Oh and Matt has informed everyone of what he will be doing via Twitter, and I quote: "My plans for reading week: redesign my website while watching the Masters. Things I won't do during Masters week: get off the couch."

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