Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ruthie over the last week

Momma and Ruthie hanging out

Daddy and Ruthie

Ruthie biting Momma

Ruthie and Maggie
Ruthie is upset. She has been fussy that last few days...
Momma got a haircut
I don't think Ruthie likes being in the sling
The Polsons came to visit and Amy was a huge help by holding Ruthie while Matt and I ate the delicious dinner that she and Mark made us.
Ruthie being content. Look at that cute little smirk!
We now have a baby that is very fussy and wants to cry when no one is holding her and sometimes when we are holding her. She is too young to cry it out. Any experienced parents out there with some advice? She has been feed and changed and seems very tired. Go! Give us some advice but be nice!

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Big Jen said...

We were always holding Isaac thanks to the grandparents being here the first 3 weeks of his life. The wouldn't put him down!! When we went in to his 2 month appointment, my doctor straight up told us to stop holding him all the time, and to get him to sleep in his crib or bassinet instead of on us. I trusted her judgment and by the time Isaac was 3 months old he wasn't having to be rocked to sleep by us anymore and would sleep in his crib.