Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Visit with the Groths and Ruthie's 1 month appointment

On Monday, Cara brought Madelyn, Caroline, and Silas to visit. All of the kids held Ruthie and according to Cara they are all in love with her now! I mean really, who wouldn't fall in love with that kid! Here are some pics from the day:

Caroline was so excited! Look at that smile!

Madelyn enjoyed holding Ruthie too and Ruthie loves her!
Here is the whole group!
Silas even got in on the action and was very gentle when holding Ruthie.

Thanks Groths for coming to hang out with us and bringing me something to eat. Y'all are awesome and I can't wait to hang out again. (Jason, I am bringing her over to hang out with you!)

Today, we went to the dr. for Ruthie's one month appointment. I can't believe the last month is gone! Anyway, Ruthie is in the 10th percentile in length and weight. She is 20 inches long and 6 lbs 12 oz. That is only 7 oz more than when she was born and only 2 oz more than 8 days ago. She also has some blood in her diaper still and there is a little cut on her bottom and she is straining to go potty. Therefore, I am cutting out dairy in hopes that maybe that will help with the straining, blood, and hopefully she will gain more weight. The dr. is not worried and so we aren't either! She is still a fairly happy baby and as you can see below she is still very alert some of the time when she isn't sleeping.
(Sorry, I can't get the pic turned around)
So back to the dr. we go next Tuesday and we are praying for some weight gain and hopefully Miss Ruthie can eventually move into her 0-3 month clothes instead of just her newborn clothing.
Any suggestions on recipes that done require dairy? Cara?

Also, shout out to the amazing husband who is also giving up dairy in order for it to be easier for me and for those of you who know us well, you know how much we love our cheese and ice cream and how hard that transition is going to be! We appreciate any prayers you can lift up for all 3 of us! Thanks in advance!

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