Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ruthie is 6 weeks old and Roadtrip to TN

First things first, Ruthie is up to 7 lbs and 3 oz! Ruthie gained 6 oz in the last week and we are so excited. So today, on her 6 week birthday, my baby girl is finally gaining weight like we would like and momma is still cutting out the dairy products. She has been eating better, pooping less, having less blood in her diaper, and in a better mood than even before.
Also, I went to my midwife and am healed from childbirth. yay!

Next, we went to Tennessee this past weekend to visit Matt's family and more importantly to meet Ruthie's great great Mamaw Stout. Here are pictures:

Cousin Emma

Aunt Sarah says she looks like she is ready to karate chop you...watch out!
Nana and Ruthie rocking
Great Gran and Ruthie

4 generations

Great Grandmom and Ruthie
Aunt Marcia and Cousin Emma with Ruthie
Great Granddad Stout and Ruthie
Ruthie meeting Mamaw
The Stouts with Mamaw
5 Generations! Amazing!

See momma does hold Ruthie!

Such a happy baby!

Ruthie found her thumb and I don't know how I feel about it. I am not sure how I am supposed to take away the thumb when it is time to quit sucking it. Caroline would be proud though!
Cousin Rand and Ruthie (he was afraid he was going to drop her. he didn't)
Don't worry Greene/Smith family! We will be in GA in just a few short weeks. Actually, we leave for GA a month from today! If you live in GA and want to hang out with us, let us know. We are going to Macon so you will have to come there, but we will try to make time for everyone if you you make the trip to see us!

Thanks again for all the prayers for Ruthie's weight gain and bloody diaper! Praise Jesus we seem to be out of the woods!

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Big Jen said...

What precious pictures, especially with Mamaw. I know that made her day!!