Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ruthie is 7 weeks old!

Ruthie is 7 weeks old today. I cannot believe that in 10 short days my baby girl will be a whole 2 months old! Time is flying!

Missy gave us an outfit that they couldn't return to the store and already had one for Sophie. So on Friday at small group we dressed the girls alike in their outfits and hat and booties from Aunt Susan. Here are the pics:

Ruthie was not happy, she gets fussy about 6 or 7 every night and then calms down by 9 or so

Daddy calming Ruthie
Sophie and Ruthie- take 1
Sophie and Ruthie- take 5
Enjoying Daddy rocking her like she is in the beloved swing. We may need to invest in a second one to leave at the Thimons for Friday nights

Ruthie is now Happy
Sophie and Ruthie- take 12
Sophie and Ruthie- take 14
Finally, to get Ruthie to calm down Matt and Bob swung the car seat as if it was the swing. Great job guys!

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Lindsy said...

So sweet. I can't believe it's been 7 weeks either. Time flies when your nursing your life away, right? Ha! The pics of the two girls together are precious. Sweet little outfit. Looking forward to seeing you soon!