Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adventures with Aunt Sarah

Aunt Sarah came to meet Ruthie this past week during her spring break. We had lots of fun eating out, going to Shaker Village, playing Wii, and just spending time together.

Here is Ruthie wearing her Hog outfit from Aunt Sarah who is now is grad school at the University of Arkansas. It isn't something I would pick for her to wear and I nor her father endorse this team, but she sure can make anything look cute!

Here Matt and Sarah are enjoying their picnic lunch at Shaker Village. Look at that face on Matt! hahaha
Enjoying the scenery

A group shot
The Stout siblings with Ruthie Roo

Aunt Sarah reading Ruthie a bedtime story, I believe it is "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"
One more photo before Sarah leaves
This is the stuffed Dinosaur Comic T-Rex that Aunt Sarah bought for Ruthie and I think that right now Matt is enjoying it even more than Miss Ruthie
We had a wonderful time with Sarah and can't wait to hang out with her again very soon!

We also had some professional pictures of Ruthie done last weekend, which I think I mentioned on here. Anyway, here is the link for the sneak peek:
I cannot wait to get all of the pics!

In other news, maybe you noticed the new background of the blog. I decided it was time for a change since this is the only background we have had in the last 3 years of having this blog.

Finally, next week we will be in Macon, GA. If you are there and want to hang out or want to come to town to hang out with the Stouts and meet Ruth just let us know. We will travel on the 1st and 6th and already have a few things planned for the time we are there, but we would love to see you if you have time!

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Kristin said...

Love the sneak peek of little Ruthie!

Your travels wouldn't happen to take you down I-75 would they? :)