Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day and Ruthie is now 4 whole weeks old!

Want to see more pictures of Ruthie Roo? I knew you did! So for your viewing enjoyment, I have loaded some more!
Ruthie loves her Mommy!

Ruthie loves her Taggie blanket that Aunt Amy, Uncle Matt, and Eben gave her
Ruthie hanging out on the boppy again looking all cute!
The adorable burp cloths that Amy, Matt, and Eben gave Ruthie that match her quilt from Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob
This past fall I was a part of a women's bible study on Monday nights. This semester I have class so I can't attend, but I did go to one last event with the girls and our husbands. Also, 2 of the ladies just had little girls, one in Oct and one in Nov (I believe). Anyway, we had a great Valentine's dinner and enjoyed each others company. It was nice to have a dinner and have someone cook for us, but not have to find a sitter so we could go out.
Also, we went for our first family walk. Maggie decided about half way through our walk that she had enough walking for the day so we put her in the bottom of the stroller and continued on our walk. ha
Here is our little Valentine with her Valentine present and tutu on. What do you think? She is the cutest valentine ever! Ok, I am biased, but she is cute isn't she?
Thanks to Nana Kathy's friend for the tutu
Here is Daddy with his tiniest Valentine!
Here is Ruthie in her cute little boots
Ruthie resting
Matt bought me a hair delight by Kristin's Kreations ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/kristinmclendon ) for Valentine's day along with some rain boots that are on their way here. Pictures to come...

I gave Matt a book of comics for Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's day was not the most exciting. Ruthie had some blood in her diaper on Sunday and it continued for the rest of the day so Monday (Valentine's) morning I took her to the doctor. We love our pediatrician and he put us right at ease. She is fine and the bleeding has almost stopped. Most likely she has a tear inside and it is causing her to bleed a little each time she has a bowel movement. He is doing a test on her poop, but is not worried. More on that when we know more. She is good though and not in any pain or have a fever so no worries here with the parents now.
As for the rest of the day, Matt worked, we had Tastebud's pizza for dinner, and I went to class that evening. I guess that is the life of a parent. Don't worry, when I got home we spent some time together talking after Ruthie went to bed! Not too much though b/c we need our sleep! ha

What did everyone else do for Valentine's day?


Lindsy said...

Who did you guys choose for a pediatrician? I'm glad you like him! Tim and I did Qdoba (if you kissed in the checkout - one meal was free) and then caught a movie at the dollar movie near Lexington green. It was nice. Glad we got that in before baby number two arrives. Gotta enjoy those dates when you can get em. Her Vday outfit is precious and I LOVE the first pic of her in the boppy. Such a cutie!

Sara Beth Stout said...

We chose Dr. Weinberger in Nicholasville. He is very laid back, but yet concerned. It is good for this high strung momma!
Glad you got in that date night! Baby Taylor will be here very soon! I'm so excited!