Thursday, August 18, 2011

random pictures from the last few month

Practicing sitting up with Dad and she almost has it
Eating some yummy sweet potatoes

Ruthie has "Grandma on Speed Dial"
Grabbing for the camera
enjoying rolling around on the floor with Kyle the Giraffe
sitting outside with dad...look at that cute little hat
Wearing momma's overalls from when she was a little girl
At her first wedding- Izzie and Abe Zimmerman got married- this is Amy and Ethan with her in the pic
Hanging out with Sophie

First VSU apparel
Yummy green beans
spending time with daddy while momma goes to practicum
more of Ruthie and Sophie
Just a cute kid!

Going swimming with Sophie- got a little rash on her face from the sunscreen so no more coppertone for us!
"Look at my hand, it's so cool."
Such a sweet baby girl

Ruthie and Uncle Seth
Ruthie and Aunt Merry Anna

Ruthie and Momma
ooops she fell asleep from bouncing too much
Ruthie and Aunt Mer

Momma and Ruthie
one of Ruthie's favorite toys affectionately names Jimmy
Seth and Ruthie- love this one!

First time in the big girl car seat!
First time in the High chair
wearing her Star Wars onesie
Attending her first birthday party for her friend Emily (bottom row, 2nd from right)
Aunt Mer and Ruthie

"Let me hold that camera."

more Ruth and Soph

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