Friday, August 19, 2011

Ruthie turned 7 months old!

Jumping in the jumperoo

Funny face- she thought something was funny
So sweet

hahaha- caught her in a laugh
The flash was bright
bright flash again

I took Cinderella away and she is looking at her on the floor

Elvis face
sweet baby girl- look at those sweet cheeks!

oops- the flash was on again
Such a cutie
momma's pretty princess

Ruthie and Cindie

Ruth has changed so much this month:
Ruthie has really started to enjoy the jumperoo even more than before.
Ruthie cut all 4 of her top teeth this month and has 2 in the bottom.
She is eating all kinds of foods now- apples, bananas (her favorite), pears, a mixture of all 3, blueberries and apples, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans (her favorite veggie).
Ruthie however does not like canned meats at all! She will not eat any meats even mixed with any veggies.
She still likes cereal especially mixed with different fruits.
She is still breastfeeding 5 to 6 times a day.
We are still working on a schedule which we need to have in order very soon since practicum has started and soon we will be very busy and we need to have something more consistent.
Ruthie is really loving her toys now and loves her Jimmy the dog, Buttercup the baby doll, Mrs. Dangles the elephant, Kyle the giraffe, and Cinderella to name a few.
She loves books and grabs at them when we are reading to her and wants to touch everything and feel the textures. It is adorable.
She is sitting in her high chair most of the time for eating and sometimes she still sits in the bumbo.
Ruthie is really liking Sesame Street and will watch while jumping in her jumperoo!
Ruthie is loving rolling still and if you turn around for just a moment she will roll far away!
She is trying really hard to sit up, and can for a moment until she falls over, but she will get it sooner or later.
She is also loving standing up and bouncing. We hold her hands and she stands there but don't let go b/c she will fall.
Her personality is really showing through as seen in the pictures and it is so cool! We love it and are loving seeing parts of our personality coming through in hers.
She loves to giggle and smile and play peek-a-boo.
Finally, this month she moved to the big car seat and is getting to be more of a big girl everyday!
7 month weight- TBA
7 month height- TBA

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