Thursday, September 22, 2011

4 Years Of Marital Bliss

And it really has been bliss. We have lived in 4 different houses, 2 different states, each almost completed a seminary degree, has a beautiful baby girl, adopted the cutest puppy ever, and enjoyed life together. 
Tonight we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Malone's steak house. It was delicious. We both had steak and I tried the crab rangoon rolls and we both has the Lexington Salad, I had a baked potato and Matt had the fried mashed potatoes. All of it was the most delicious food we have had in a long time! We also got a free dessert b/c it was our anniversary. It was angle food cake on the outside and one layer of cherry chocolate ice cream as well as a layer of chocolate chunk ice cream with oreo cookie crust and a layer of oreo cookies between the ice cream layers. Oh and then whipped cream and chocolate and caramel covering it all! It was as amazing as it sounds and my favorite part was that it was FREE! All in all the dinner was probably the best anniversary dinner of the 4. 

Here we are at dinner- a little blurry, but we got it

Here's the Stout family celebrating
These last 4 years have been amazing and we have been blessed more than we could ever have imagined. Can't wait for what the future holds. I love you, Matt Stout! You are pretty great!

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