Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sleeping Beauty, College football, and a Tutu for my Ballerina Princess

Here is Ruthie sleeping. This is how she sleeps these days. No more on the back for her and look at that bottom up in the air. We roll her back to her back when we find her like this, but I'm sure she is like this a lot and we just don't know it.

Ruthie experienced her first College Football Game Day yesterday. We did watch some of the GT game Thursday, but yesterday she was decked out in her Red and Black- much to Daddy's dismay. She sure does look happy in her red and black! Gooooo Dawgs and Gooooo Blazers!

Finally, I made Ruthie a cute little purple, white, and pink tutu with sparkles! She seems to like it and I am very proud of my craftiness! It was much easier than I expected. Here is the video tutorial:

Also, I used ribbon for the waist band and then tied a pretty bow in the front. By doing this, I can add more tulle later and she can wear it longer. I also used the tulle in a roll so I just cut it about 1 and 1/2 feet long and then used 3 different colors for each section that I tied on. That is why it is so poofy. Now, if you have a little girl go make her one b/c she will love it!

Eating the tutu
smiling for mommy and daddy. love this kid.

PS I bought everything from Hobby Lobby and I spent a total of probably $6 a tutu.

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Lindsy said...

Love tutu. She's getting so big.