Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just a few things...

Here is Ruthie sitting up in the tub. She is such a big girl.
She also enjoys bath time more now that she is able to sit up.
She loves her rubber ducky too! 

 Thanks to some Pinterest inspiration, I made a wreath for Halloween.
For Thanksgiving I will just change out the Halloween Decor for Thanksgiving Decor.  

I made some candy corn hair bows for Ruthie and Sophie to go with their candy corn dresses that Missy is making them. There will be pics of the girls in their dresses when we get a chance.  

I also made some flower hairbows- thank you Pinterest again.  

Finally, Ruthie was given a Colts/Peyton Manning jersey from Sarah's (Matt's sister) boyfriend's mom. (you got that?). How cute is she? 

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