Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day weekend 2013

So we had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. It was filled with family togetherness! 

So the fun times began on Thursday after I got off work. We have a favorite Mexican restaurant on St. Simons and a new one opened in our mall. We had dinner there Thursday and it was almost as good. There just isn't free salsa and chips, but the chimichangas were delicious!

On Friday we went back to the zoo! It was so much fun. This time we started on the opposite end and got to see lots of new things like the penguins, the petting zoo, playground, inside play area, the dinosaur exhibit, and some small monkeys. Ruthie and Olivia enjoyed it just as much this time!

Happy Girl!

waving to the "monks" aka monkey

petting the goats

lots of dinosaurs! I think we enjoyed it even more than the girls!

Then on Saturday, we went to the beach. It was so pretty and not too hot since we got out there a little before 10 am. Ruthie loves the water even more than last year and Olivia was a huge fan of just sitting on the beach, under the umbrella, and watching people and birds as they passed by. Matt and I just enjoyed being all together.

see, she loves the water. just look at that smile!

tummy time on the beach
On Saturday night Matt grilled burgers and we ate fresh corn that we bought at a farmer's market on the way home from the beach. Don't worry we had a salad too. Then we rewatched the Office from Thursday night.

On Sunday morning we got up and Matt and the girls gave me my presents, then off to church, Japanese food for lunch which Matt picked up and brought home since eating out is NOT fun any longer with a 2 year old. The afternoon was spent at home resting and relaxing with no youth group. Don't get me wrong, we love our youth group, but a Sunday night off every once in a while is pretty nice! The weekend was amazing and I feel very loved by my husband and my kids who without either there would not be any celebration of Mother's day here at this home for me. 

my presents- Les Mis and a picture with Olivia's hand and foot prints. 

Matt and Ruthie gave me the top one with Ruthie's hand and foot prints my first Mother's Day and then I got a matching one for Olivia! So fun and perfect!

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