Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Olivia turns 5 months old

Olivia, you are now 5 months old as of April 30th! We are getting so close to 1/2 year! 
You are such a sweet baby. You are happy unless hungry, wet/dirty, or have gas.
Olivia, you my dear, have some smelly gas and some smelly poops, but who cares b/c you are oh so sweet and smiley! 
This month you tried some bananas and some rice cereal, but just aren't ready yet for solids. We will wait a bit longer.
You turned over 2xs this month, but just don't seems to want to keep turning over just yet.
You are so alert as you always have been. Your big beautiful eyes are just always looking around at everyone and everything! You just love to watch people and you love to smile at them.
You did so much this month: first long trip to Awanita with the youth, first time to the zoo, and trying new foods.
You have just grown so much and I know you must be almost 18 lbs or so now!
You are getting so big I don't know that I can carry you in the infant car seat any longer.
You love your sister so much and the 2 of you love just laughing together and Ruthie loves reading to you and tickling your feet to make you laugh. Ruthie especially loves giving you eskimo kisses, but she calls it "ugga mugga" thanks to Daniel Tiger. (check out Daniel Tigers Neighborhood and you will understand: )
Olivia, we are so happy that you are our baby girl. We just love seeing your smile light up a room. We love seeing you grow and you bring so much calmness to our lives! It is wonderful! Thanks for being so great and for loving us back. We can just see all the love you have for us as you smile and look at us and we couldn't be more happy to be your parents! 

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