Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Break in Awanita Valley

For Spring Break we took the Youth to SC to Awanita Valley. I went 2 times in high school and once in college! So many memories came flooding back as we walked around camp and did activities. It was wonderful! So here are some pics from the trip.

Kathy and Steve came for the weekend to help with the girls!

group photo

challenge course

hummer rides

horse back ridding 

paddle boats

more ropes course

momma and Olivia

papa and Olivia

AJ and Olivia

on the zip line in 40 degree weather. I did not go, but 5 youth did and loved it! The next day we did go and it was 60 degrees and a little better.

watching the zip line

playing apples to apples b/c it was raining, but we had fun!

stopped for gas on our way to Awanita

Welcome to Awanita!

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