Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bad News and Good News

My baby has gotten her first official ear infection/cold. We noticed yesterday that she was pulling on her left ear and being a little cranky so we took her to the dr. this morning and she does have an ear infection. It is actually her right ear that is in the early stages of the infection, but none the less she is sick. So we picked up the amoxicillian and now she is sleeping. We hope we caught it so early that it will clear up quickly.

Here are some pics of my sweet girl on the changing table. She lights up each time we lay her on the changing pad so I had to get some pics of it!

I also decided to do something that had nothing to do with babies so I made some cupcakes and decorated them. I need to work on the decorating part, but I think they taste pretty good!
Here is a pic of my 2 favorite people in the universe!
This was after we got home from the dr. and were fed and getting ready to take a nap. We were listening to Elvis Presley. My daughter loves Elvis and I am one happy Momma!
look at that beautiful smile!

Finally, Matt got a $10 off coupon from Cokesbury so we bought Ruthie a onesie for $3!
It is a 18 month onesie so it will be a while before she can wear it, but eventually she will be able to let the world know that she is indeed an Asbury Baby!
Finally, today we found out that Ruthie has definitely gained some weight. She is officially 10 lbs. We didn't take off her clothes and diaper so apparently those things were 5 oz. I'm very excited though that she has finally at 3 months old gotten to 10 lbs!

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Lindsy said...

Oh...girl ear infections are indeed no fun but hopefully you all caught it in time that the antibiotic will work quickly. She is so flippin' precious - oh that smile.