Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ruthie's First Trip to the Great State of Georgia

We spent the last few days in Ga visiting family. We left Friday and it took 10 hours with an infant. We got to spend lots of time with the fam as well as seeing some friends.
First, we got to have lunch with the Maddock family. Here is Ruthie and her future husband, Eli.
Isn't Eli so sweet?
Here we are with our babies. I can't believe Jessica and I both have babies! Where did all that time go? We were just in college and 20 years old!

Ruthie was sad to leave her boyfriend
Ruthie spending time hanging out at the farm
Aunt Hannah Leigh
Ruthie and her Great Granddaddy Smith and Grandma Smith
Ruthie and her GiGi
4 generations
My grandma insisted that I take a picture of Ruthie and me standing in front of a pic of my great granddaddy Jake. I'm not sure why, but I humored her
Aunt Kacie
Momma and Ruthie
4 generations
Aunt Kacie
Daddy and Ruthie- look Ruthie's hair is getting lighter and I think it may just turn light blonde like her daddy's and momma's hair was when they were younger.
4 generations again
Uncle Seth
The Stouts with Seth
Aunt Rachel brought Ruthie her first softball glove

Great Gram and Ruthie
Ruthie and me with my Granddaddy
Ruthie with my granddaddy- I love him!
We really did have a great time and enjoyed hanging out! We also got to see Daniel Dean, the best man in our wedding, but I didn't get a pic. Matt has it on his phone so I will have to post it later after Matt sends it to me. Can't wait to go back. Thanks Maddock family for coming over from Columbus just for lunch. We enjoyed seeing y'all and hope we get to see you again before a year and a half! Thanks Mom for cooking for us and for all the great clothes for Ruthie. Thanks Hannah Leigh for the clothes as well. Thanks Dad and Chris for all the yummy food and letting us take over your home for a few days! we love all of you!

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Lindsy said...

So, how did Ruthie travel? Looks like yall had a good time. Um....has anyone ever told you that,you look like your grandma smith?