Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just hanging out

Not much new here at the Stout house. Matt and I only have about 4 weeks of classes left including finals! After that Matt has one class and I have one class and a practicum left before we graduate. We will both graduate in December and I know that the time will fly by!

On to what people really like, Ruthie.
Here Ruthie is sleeping. I just thought she looked cute so I snapped this one!

I came in to check on Ruthie one afternoon after her nap and this is what she was doing. She was all snuggled up with her taggie blankie and bunny. She wasn't making a sound, just laying there resting.
Ruthie is now a pro at holding her head up.
The Bevils came over for dinner. Here are the daddies and their daughters.
After Ruth takes a bath, she sports a curly fohawk. These pics DO NOT do it justice!

On Friday night Ruthie, Sophie, and Ebenezer hung out on the floor together during Small Group. Ebe is going to have a little brother join his family in June and so he is very excited (for the moment) about babies. We will see how he does once his little brother arrives. I think he will do great though!
That would be Ebe's hands behind Ruthie's head.
The Girls
Ebe kept leaning down and kissing the girls on the forehead. It was adorable!

Lately, we have been going on lots of outings. Here Ruthie is getting ready to go to church in her strawberry dress.
Then after church we went to Cracker Barrel.
Finally, a cute pic of Ruthie sleeping. I just love her so!

Check back tomorrow for Ruthie's 3 month photo shoot!
Yep, she will be 3 months old tomorrow!

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