Monday, April 18, 2011

Ruthie is 3 months old today!

Ruthie's 3 month photo shoot:

Today, my baby Ruth turns 3 months old! I love this kid so very much and so does her daddy! and let's not forget her puppy, Maggie!

This month:
Ruthie still loves swinging, but now enjoys the bouncy seat as well.
Ruthie took her first trip to GA and met lots more family. Now she just has to meet Aunt Merry Anna and will have met all of our siblings.
According to the scale at the Seminary Post Office, Ruthie now weighs 10 lbs and 5 oz! That is 4 lbs more than her birth weight and that also means she has gained almost 2 lbs since last month. She is approximately 22.5 inches long now. She is just growing right along and we are so excited.
Ruthie has been going on outings a lot lately and she is so well behaved in public!
Ruthie eats about every 3 hours during the day still and at night she sleeps from around 8 to 11 and then sleeps again from around midnight to 6 am. Mommy and Daddy are feeling so much better now that they are getting so much sleep.
Ruthie is giggling and is ticklish on her sides, cheeks, and legs.
Ruthie's cheeks have gotten so chubby and we just can't help but squish, kiss, and tickle them all the time!
She loves having her diaper changed. Every time we put her on the changing table she gets excited and starts cooing and smiling. It is adorable.
Ruthie loves to have us sing to her still. Now she smiles so big, it makes her mommy so very happy!
Ruthie really loves being held all the time. It makes it difficult to get anything done, but I know that soon she will want to be on the move and not held, so I will keep holding her and do the housework and schoolwork later! Every Monday night when I go to class she seems to really want Matt to hold her and walk her around the house the whole time. I think he really likes it though.
We are just so happy to be Ruthie's parents and love her oh so much!

Now I'm going to go cut coupons while Ruthie sleeps!

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