Friday, June 10, 2011

Hanging Out with the Bff, Sophie

First, here is Ruthie with Sophie. Sophie, her mother (Missy), and our friend Susan come over once a week for lunch and it just so happen that this week the girls were dressed in the same colors so we had a photo shoot.

They kept grabbing at each others dresses
BFFs holding hands
Sweet Sophie
Happy Ruthie
"Mom and Mom why are staring at us and insisting on taking all these photos?"

Just a cute shot of Ruth
"Do you hear that?"
Ruthie's Robot shirt that Daddy made her
Ruthie in her stylin sunglasses (yes my 4.5 month old has 2 pairs of sunglasses)
Sitting in the farm animal jump-a-roo for the first time and enjoying herself!

That's all for now. nothing special going on here at the Stout home!

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Lindsy said...

OH.My.Word....she is so stinkin' cute. And the photo opps - whew! Wait til' your 2nd comes....;)

We can definitely hang out soon. I'm still on my regular Tue/Thur schedule as far as off days but Chels will be here this weekend. I'm sure she'd love to see Ruthie. We'll be home during hte day on Friday because I'm having a tooth pulled Thursday. You could bring Miss Ruthie over to play and we could all visit. Let me know..