Saturday, June 11, 2011


I was thinking about doing a post that didn't involve Ruthie or motherhood, but seriously it just seems to consume my/our life. I just can't help but share all the pictures of her and really we are boring and she is cute.

Today, Nana and Papa Stout came to visit and Ruthie thought that Nana was hilarious when we were at dinner. I really wish I had a video of her laughing b/c it was a really loud belly laugh! I hope I can get her laughing like that on tape soon!

I can share with you that we have 2 important dates in the next few months. July 17th will be Ruthie's baptism/christening at our church here in Wilmore and on Dec 9th Matt and I are going to graduate from Seminary. All are welcome to attend both, just let us know. Those 2 events are pretty exciting for our little family of 3. This also means that the campus ministry job hunt is on. Prayers are appreciated! I guess after that we also have Ruthie's first birthday, but since she isn't even 5 months yet (next Saturday she will be) we won't even talk about that yet.
Also, right now Matt is busy-ish with work and I am busy with class and we are both busy with parenthood. I am also now addicted to Sudoku and Matt is addicted to some games on his Ipad. See we are boring. I promise to write about something exciting if that ever happens, but to tell you the truth I am ok with our boring life and just enjoying my baby girl every second I can.

Also, Maggie is still here and loves Ruthie! Maybe I should post about her too.

Finally, if you are still reading by now, any moms want to tell me about their opinions on disposable diapers? All opinions welcome, but Ruthie cannot wear Pampers Baby Dry and we have tried Pampers Swaddlers and Huggies and we like the Swaddlers best. Let me know what you think and if Luvs or store brand work for you or if we Pampers Swaddlers is the way to go.

ok, I'm finished with the rambling...

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