Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ruthie turns 5 months old!

Today Baby Ruthie turned 5 months old. She is growing so much. We have moved up to 3-6 month clothes and she is able to sit up with little support. She is also (from our measurements) weighing in at 12 lbs and 15.5 oz. and is 23.5 inches long. That puts her in about the 16th percentile for weight and the 8th for length. We are slowly making up for lost time with the lactose intolerance issue. I don't think she looks like she needs to gain weight she is just as healthy looking as she can be!
Here are the pics from her 5 month photo shoot!
These first few were before she had her morning nap
Gnawing on those fingers
Hanging out with T-Rex
She gagged herself here
And here she is chewing on the burp cloth that I used to clean up her spit up. She loves to chew on cloth and started crying when I took it away so I gave it back!

She had a breakdown, so to the crib for a nap
Then she woke up and is much happier as you will see in the next pics where I got lots of smiles! I just love my smiley baby!
Hanging out with Cinderella
close up- oh and a Thanks to the Maddocks family for the cute outfit

Silly face!

Mom, back off
Thank you!
High 5 for Cinderella

I'm done momma!
And this is a picture that we found from last weekend on our camera. It is a great picture of Papa Stout and Ruthie- Happy Father's Day Steve/Dad/Papa! We love you!
Look at that happy face, she loves her Papa Stout!

This month:
Ruthie finally really rolled over. Matt went in to check on her b/c she was screaming and she had rolled over from her back to her stomach. Still no rolling from the stomach to the back and she still HATES tummy time.
Ruthie loves to babble. Today we were driving down the road and she was just talking away. We wonder just what is she thinking when she talks away like that. She does it a lot.
Ruth has also started mimicking our sounds, bats things with her hands, and is great with eye contact.
She is still loving getting a diaper change. It is her second favorite activity besides swinging which is still her favorite.
She is sitting up really well with very little support. I hope by next month she can sit up all on her own.
Ruth is now eating cereal at least once every other day and usually once a day. She also took a bottle again so hopefully she will continue with that one!
Finally, Ruthie is cutting her first tooth. Her gums are swollen and you can feel the tooth cutting through. Therefore, we have had some issues with sleeping and eating like normal, but that is to be expected.
I think that is about it. Can't wait until next month when we introduce veggies and fruits! I think she is going to love that and I am hoping for an adventurous eater just like her mommy and daddy.


Lindsy said...

So sweet, love her!

Marlene said...

Such a doll baby. You can't help but smile when you look at her. She is so cute.