Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of July, TN/GA trip

On July 1st, the Stout family set out on a 10 day trip. I'm not sure that since we have been married we have done this and so we decided to do a 10 day trip with the puppy and our darling almost 6 month old! yep, we are crazy!
We headed to TN first to celebrate the 4th. We got to see Nana and Papa Stout along with Ruthie's great grandparents and the rest of the family. We also took some family pics thank to Papa Stout and his nice camera!
Momma and her sweet baby girl

Ruthie's first time in the big pool and she seemed to like it ok, but wasn't very happy about being submerged in water. Momma and Daddy however did enjoy swimming some while the grandparents watched baby girl.
Here Ruthie is in her All American Baby- Born in 2011 shirt for the 4th of July (notice the cutie patootie jean shorts)
Daddy and Ruthie hanging out and I believe our baby will hopefully be sitting up soon on her own.
Gran and Ruth

Then we headed to GA for a few days and spent some time with my side of the family and Ruthie got to loung by the pool in her glasses and hat at Nana and Papa Greene's house.

ready for the glasses to be removed
and she got them off!
Finally she is enjoying the pool. We realized that she liked it better when she was laying on the float rather than in the float submerged. She lasted over 20 minutes in the water this way. Doesn't she look so content?
We also got to see Gigi and all the GA great grandparents and Hannah Leigh and Seth.
On Thursday we got to see some friends from our Valdosta days while visiting my Gram and Andy in Barnesville. It was so great to see Rachel, her parents, and the Harrells. Then on Friday we hung out with Rusty, Allan, Daniel Dean, and Daniel's sister, Saige, and her 3 kids. It was so fun to just be at my dads and enjoy the pool. Then on Saturday, Ruthie and I attended at baby shower for Laura Susan and Anne in the morning and Ruthie, Matt, my mom, and I attended a wedding shower for Kelli. Laura Susan, Anne, and Kelli were close friends of mine in high school and so it was so great to see them and many other friends from those days on Saturday. It was so good for my heart to see all of the friends those 3 days. On Saturday, my mom came with us and we headed to TN to spend the night and finish our trip on Sunday. My mom came to spend some time with us and especially Ruthie. More on my mom's visit in the next post...

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