Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ruthie is .5 years old

Ruthie Roo is now a whole 6 months old as of yesterday. I just can't believe it! Here are the pics from our photo shoot.

Laughing at Gigi
My sweet blue eyed baby
Ruth and Cinderella

Silly girl

Holding hands with Cinderella and this was not posed!

She is such a happy baby even when she is teething
Smiling at Daddy and it is difficult to see but she does have 2 teeth almost in on the bottom front

My lovely little Lady

Happy about Tummy Time...finally!

Hanging out with the pup
She really is being gentle even though it looks like she isn't. They are really sweet with each other
Chilling during bath time

This past month:
Ruthie has grown to weigh 14 lbs and 4 oz (25th percentile), measure 24 inches long (25th percentile), and has the head circumference of 42 cm (30th percentile).
Ruth has 2 teeth that have broken through the gums even though we think a few more are trying to make their way through.
Ruthie took her second trip to GA and got to go to TN again. This time she got to swim for the first time in a big pool at both Nana and Papa Stouts' house and Nana and Papa Greenes' house. She seemed to really love it FINALLY.
Ruth is beginning to really like bath time.
Swinging is still fun for her, but she really likes laying on the floor and rolling. She will roll from her back to stomach and then stomach to back. We put a toy on one side of the blanket and she will roll until she gets to the other side. Here favorite toy is a Fisher Price puppy dog that sings and teaches colors and body parts. It is so great, she loves it, and will roll any time to get it!
She does not like teething toys that much and prefers your hand or her hand or foot to a teether.
She is very close to sitting up on her own and is babbling so much more. I'm sure she will be talking in no time! haha
Ruth also tried solid fruits and veggies the last 3 days of her 5th month of life. She seems to really like bananas, but the others are growing on her.
Finally, the most exciting thing of the month is that Ruth Sara Stout was baptized on Sunday (one day before she turned 6 months old) and it was such a humbling and exciting moment for this United Methodist girl. My baby has participated in her first sacrament and much of her family and a few friends were there to celebrate (Momma, Daddy, Gigi, Nana and Papa Stout, Nana and Papa Greene, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Merry Anna, Uncle Seth, Great Grandmommy, Great Granddad, Great Gran, Great Aunt Micki, Great Aunt Marcia, Great Uncle Mike, Cousins Rand and Emma, along with Susan and Bob, Jonathon, Missy, and Sophie, Matt, Amy, Eben, and Malachi, Izzie and Abe, and Amy, Mark, Ethan, and Logan and of course our whole church family at GCF). Our pastor, Jason Duncan, baptized Ruthie. It was such a great day!

I cannot believe my baby is growing so fast! Soon we will be pulling out those 6 to 9 month clothes I'm sure. love that kid!


mandy said...

She is the cutest!

Sara Beth Stout said...

Thank you, Mandy! I am enjoying your blog! I think we have some mutual friends like Jenny Flemming and other GP friends.