Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RJ update for July 12th

Well, RJ was doing great and then had a set back. He had a breathing spell and then 2 hernias that wouldn't go away and had to have surgery. Therefore, he is in the hospital for a bit longer. Here is the latest update:

As many of you know R.J. was supposed to come home this weekend. It has been such a roller coaster of emotionals in the last few days. We got to the hospital on FRiday to find out that R.J. had spelled 10 minutes before we got to the hopsital. I can't tell you how our hearts were crushed, but knowing God had a plan. Saturday morning the nurse practicioner came to us and said we need to have surgery before we leave. He developed a hernia a few weeks ago and thought he would outgrow it, but they wanted to get it taken care of before we left. We were reassured this is very common. They ended up taking care of two hernias today. R.J. went into surgery at 11 this morning. The surgery went great. He is in recovery. He is sedated for the rest of the night. He is still on the ventilator and will be weened off of that by tomorrow. His blood count was low a few days ago, so they are doing a blood transfusion on him tonight as well. He has had 3 of these so far and it always seems to give him energy afterwards. He is getting glucose water, but is very fussy becuase he's not getting milk. So please continue to pray him through each step of the way. We absolutely hated not bringing him home this weekend, but we want him to be completely healed and healthy when he comes home so he can stay home. The doctors and nurses say once this is behind him he is so home. WE aren't getting our hopes up too much yet, but we continue to fight the fight and we continue to run the race God has set before us. We are encouraged and strengthened by your prayers for our son! Thank you beyond words and tears! Thank you!

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