Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My momma and my sister came to visit

Like I mentioned earlier, my momma came to visit for a few days. She rode up with us last Saturday and spent 10 days with us and celebrated Ruthie's baptism. Today, she flew home and it was bitter sweet. It is nice to have our house back to just 3 people, but I will miss her. Merry Anna also came to visit and meet Ruthie in person for the first time. She flew in on Wednesday and stayed to celebrate Ruthie's baptism too. She flew home Monday morning which was also her birthday (Happy Birthday, Mer!).
While they were here we did lots like going out to High Bridge for lunch one day. Below are some pictures.

They also got to see Ruthie try solid fruit and veggies for the first time. Here is Ruthie trying bananas. She seem to like them and has so far tried bananas, pears, and sweet potatoes. We also have some green beans, carrots, and pears to try now.

We also went to dinner at Saul Good, enjoyed some of my momma's cooking, my momma spoiled me by doing my dishes the whole time she was here, and my mom and sister loved on my baby Ruth lots and lots!
It was great to have them here... now on to the next post

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